Judith Ermert
- Cello -





Judith Ermert excites... With a distinctive voice and an original mind. The listener is spellbound from the very first note . . . a tone that is powerful but never forced.’ ( Süddeutsche Zeitung )

The Bangkok Post describes her as "...extraordinary musical and technical talent..." and ‘Extraordinarily inspiring!’ are the words of Cello [...] Read more

Latest Info

Upcoming concert in Gent

Thursday, April 3,  20:00 Kraakhuis De Bijloke Muziekcentrum Ghent

Judith Ermert & Daan Vandewalle
Hindemith, Weill, Debussy, Ravel
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Upcoming concert in Antwerp

Sunday, March 9th, 3 pm

Judith Ermert, cello & Daan Vandewalle, piano
Zaal 7 Cogels- Osylei 73 
Info and reservation: tel + 32 3 2365717 Read more

Concert with reading

Judith Ermert will perform and give a lecture about Hindemith at the Conference of the European String Teachers Association ESTA, which is taking place in Dresden at the Academy of Music, with Read more